Drug Lord is a game that's similar to the classic "Drug Wars" game you might have played on Ti-82, Ti-83, or Ti-83 Plus brand calculators. Drug Lord, however, is a windows based game with a few importaint improvements:

  • Online competition against real people
  • Realistic travel options
  • High/Need considerations
  • Color displays
  • Innovative scoring system
  • Valuable prizes
  • Referal bonuses

The object of the game is simple. Buy drugs cheap, travel to a different city and sell them for a tidy little profit... but there's a catch.... okay there are a few catches... You are not only a dealer, but also a user. If you let your high drop too low you will die, if you get too high, again you die. There are also pesky cops to deal with who will bust you or kill you if pushed to do so. That's not all... if you don't pay close attention, you will sometimes get ripped off by buyers or sellers, so don't let your gard down!

For more information on payouts, referals, and prizes, CLICK HERE

Below are a couple of screen shots from Drug Lord.

There are two different payments for Drug Lord:

  • A $9.95 ONE TIME fee for the software (the buy link). This lets you play the game all you want on your own.
  • A $4.95 MONTHLY fee (the subscribe link), should you wish to compete for prizes.

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